Ultimate Nutrition for your baby

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During my time of studying nutrition, I have really been enjoying the nutrition for kids, giving them a good start can save them and yourself a lot of troubles in the future. So I decided to write a post to help any mammas feeling overwhelmed. This is just my view from what I have learnt in my studies. 

This is a big subject and it has so many opinions. So I will try keep this to the point and get as much necessary information in! The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is research. Look into different lifestyles, look at the science behind it ,as well as what feels good for you. So assuming you have been through a pregnancy or are pregnant, that alone has so many opinions about what you should be eating so you and baby get enough nutrients, that is a whole other topic though! Then the decision breast or bottle? Then around 4-5 months and on, what do we feed these little humans? What is the best food for them? Oh so many questions!

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108 Days of Hanuman (Part 3)


Wow , I have reached 108 days! I did it guys! I’m so stoked, it has been so fun doing Hanuman everyday, even on those lazy days or when I’m feeling stiff and tired. But I did it, I got on my mat and it always made me feel better and I was always glad I did. This practice has taught me to just do it, stop having conversations in my head about whether or not to do something. Just get on with it and enjoy it and be in the moment, and fully present in that moment , but find the balance of not pushing , be gentle with yourself.  Yoga is a journey, not a destination.  Read more

Interview : Keri Bainborough from We are the wildflowers

This weeks interview is with the oh so beautiful Keri Bainborough, from ‘We are the Wildflowers’. I remember reading Keri’s blog when it was still Midlands Musings, I had just got the courage to start my blog, so I found this to be a great source of inspiration. I love the way Keri writes, she is raw and real and makes you feel like you are her friend (:  I really started following her blog posts more when she started her Vegan journey, as I found I could really relate to that as I had been through a similar journey. I really do encourage you to check out her blog, it really is beautiful and her writing so honest and real. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Keri!


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Interview: Pixie Bennett

This weeks interview is with the beautiful and inspiring Pixie Bennett. I know Pixie from high school, she was a few grades above me, I also, as I’m sure a few of you know her for her sweet and beautiful voice.

Over the years I noticed a lot of inspiring pictures and recipes of food by Pixie on her Facebook. I was transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle myself and am always looking for like-minded people and inspiration and pixie is definitely just that! Pixie is busy studying to become a raw food teacher, so exciting, so keep a look out for courses and retreats with her! So without further delay let’s get to it.


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108 Days of Hanuman (Part 2)


(my little Molly is my supporter (:  )

Wow can’t believe how fast time has gone. I am already on day 77!! So far this journey has been quite amazing. Since my last post 108 Days of Hanuman Part 1 a lot has happened. Just 3 weeks ago my partner lost his dad suddenly. It has been raw but also so surreal. I have known him for almost 9 years now and looked at him like a dad. The comfort of their home was something I treasured as a safe place. And it still is, but a bit different now. It still doesn’t quite feel real as it was so sudden, life is definitely never quite what we expect.  I feel more upset and hurt when I think of my love Bernd. To know someone I love so much is hurting is so painful. But all you can do is be there with open arms ears and heart, with so much love to give.

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Healthy Travel Tips

Keeping healthy while you travel?
Yes it can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. For our most recent trips (Bali and Europe) I had planned ahead and organized myself and it really helped. Looking after yourself while travelling and being on holiday is so important as you have more energy to explore and keep well.

Firstly lets look at your flight, plane food…..ergh no thanks. Air food is all made in bulk in a huge kitchen and never looks appetizing to me(unless you’re in first class). I just prefer to try eat before and take my own food along. You can take food on your flight but not off, so don’t overpack your lunchbox (; , take just enough. Some easy ideas are to purchase some healthy food bars, my favorite ones are the nak’d bars which you can order here .They are just plain goodness, 100% natural ingredients, no added sugars or syrups, 1 of 5 a day, gluten, wheat and dairy & GM free.

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5 Simple Tips for gentle cleansing this Spring!

Spring is definitely here in KZN! These days are so glorious, it is my favorite time of year. Not too hot not too cold, the golden sun shining down on your skin feels oh so good. I have naturally started eating lighter, drinking more water and wanting to follow some gentle cleansing tips. So I decided to put together 5 easy to follow gentle cleansing tips. A nice deep detox is also great at times, but some people prefer some gentle cleansing especially if you have to work and can’t be dealing with detox symptoms (;

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Interview: Taryn Fitz Gerald from Wellness with Taryn

Taryn is one of my closest friends, my soul sister and a huge inspiration to me. We actually started our food journey around the same time. We were on this journey together constantly inspiring each other and leaning on each other for support. Always sending recipes, blogs, and new food documentaries. Its so special to have someone who is so so passionate about the same thing you are. And when you can share that, friendships blossom. I truly respect this woman, she is informed, done her research and has so much passion for what she does its bubbling out her pores. So I definitely recommend you head over to her website for information and inspiration all about healthy living. Her Raw Vegan Lemon and Lime cheesecake is my fave and I have added the recipe below for you to try.


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Blue Smoothie Bowl with Almond and Oat Granola

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I have only recently jumped on this smoothie bowl bandwagon, I first saw them looking so delicious and exciting on some of my favorite blogs I follow. But I still thought why not just drink it? A smoothie bowl is so fun though once you try it, I like to make my smoothie thicker so its easier to eat with a spoon and add all kinds of fun and delicious toppings for extra texture.

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