108 Days of Hanuman (Part 3)


Wow , I have reached 108 days! I did it guys! I’m so stoked, it has been so fun doing Hanuman everyday, even on those lazy days or when I’m feeling stiff and tired. But I did it, I got on my mat and it always made me feel better and I was always glad I did. This practice has taught me to just do it, stop having conversations in my head about whether or not to do something. Just get on with it and enjoy it and be in the moment, and fully present in that moment , but find the balance of not pushing , be gentle with yourself.  Yoga is a journey, not a destination. 


Since my last post I had days where I was flowing into Hanuman thigh stretch and adding a backbend too, and it felt so so good. And then I had about a week or so of feeling super stiff and tired, was higher up on my cushions and that was ok too. I just went with the flow of what my body was telling me. By the last day I was feeling open and my hips happy, my body had settled into a rhythm of doing Hanuman everyday and surrendering into it. I have noticed more openness in the back on my things as well as the front and hip flexors, my hips are more open in other postures. Making them easier and more comfortable. And my mind, oh these minds of ours! I find I am calmer and more focused. Taking that time everyday to be in the posture, surrendering to it and being in the moment and breathing! It’s really incredible how it helps in everyday life.  I can only recommend doing this, or choosing another posture. It really gives your body the time and space to open up , feel the posture and surrender to it. I really enjoyed focusing in on Hanuman for 108 days. It was a great posture for me to work on, as I have had tight thighs from my dancing, so 7 minutes on each leg of Hanuman defiantly helped open them up!


Below I posted a video that I made on my last day of Hanuman, just so you can see the flow I mostly did, with a warm up salutation to start and a gentle back bend to end, to open the spine after a deep hip opening. I didn’t include that in, but you can do bridge rolls, wheel or camel. I hope you enjoy the video and have enjoyed this series of posts! It was fun to share it with you all! Leave any comments below (: I would love to hear from you!

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