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Since I made the decision to be a vegetarian when I was 15, my battle with fatigue seemed to get worse, growing up on pasta’s, sugar, meat and very little vegetables, when I decided to change my diet I had no idea what to eat, so it was soya products, cheese and bread baby, and not soon after .. adrenal fatigue.

Most people actually suffer with fatigue but don’t even realize it, because it has become apart of their life, something we are so used to feeling ,and you might think that’s just the way your meant to feel. When I first decided to make some changes and cut out that packet of jelly tots I ate everyday, that alone made a world of difference, and from there it rippled with small changes that made a huge difference. Getting creative with food and learning to love whole plant deliciousness! I still have a way to go, and am always learning and finding the balance in life. It’s a never-ending journey of creativity and love, changing my whole lifestyle. Here is where you can read about it, and I would love to hear about your story, so share your stories and thoughts with me.


This is a place where I share the things that I love from Yoga ,nutrition and a whole food plant based diet and how food heals, books, mindfulness ,fun adventures and travel, and just all things beautiful and that inspire. I like to keep my recipes simple and easy to make, so anyone can eat healthy beautiful food and embrace each individual flavor

My aim is to bring Wellness and lots of love to everyone that reads this blog. I will be sharing things that have had an impact on my life and helped me , things that just make me feel alive and that might bring a little light into your day. I am currently studying nutrition with Mary-Ann Shearer from The Natural way, and diving into my Level 3 Training with TriYoga. It is great to share my experiences from both of these beautiful courses.


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I am so happy to be on this journey and would love for you to join me and share our experiences!

So raise your green juices to loving life and eating as much fruit as your heart desires.

Do the things that make your heart happy , nourish your soul and of course your body!


So much love

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