Movement has always been a part of me. I have danced my whole life: whether I was taking a dance class or dancing around the house.And now taking yoga classes – my body can’t get enough.

Since practicing yoga, I have just fallen into complete bliss. When I first found yoga I was involved in a professional dance workshop and feeling very irritable, stressed and generally run down. But I continued pushing myself because I had always danced and felt if I stopped I would be giving up on my childhood dream. I soon realized what was most important: following the hearts true desires. When I really took a moment to stop and listen , it came clear that yoga was what my heart desired: the yoga of living each moment of life to the fullest and to be present in that moment.

I have always had an interest in yoga as it is a spiritual, physical and mental practice, and that is exactly what I felt was missing from my dancing. My reason for dancing has always been my love for movement, but I missed the spiritual aspect. I was looking for a spiritual connection: an emphasis on the internal journey. So I reached out for it and I am so glad I did! Following what flows best in your life is where that true happiness and fulfillment lies. Yoga has completely transformed my life and I feel like I have finally found something that fits. Through yoga I find I am connecting more with myself, with those around me and with the divine in such a profound way. I have completed my Basics through to Level 2 Training in TriYoga and am currently diving into My Level 3.


By practicing yoga I have started to learn to let go, its an ongoing process.We all hold on to so much. We consume but don’t create enough. We must learn to let go of expectation. Let go of what happened yesterday, this morning or five minutes ago. Stop pushing, pulling, doubting, analyzing and thinking so much! When we let go, we can fill up. Fill up with breath, love, friendliness, compassion and gratitude. We all go through this at some point, and yoga can really help make changes in your life. I want to continue to practice this in my own life everyday, and share my experiences with all of you.


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