Interview: Pixie Bennett

This weeks interview is with the beautiful and inspiring Pixie Bennett. I know Pixie from high school, she was a few grades above me, I also, as I’m sure a few of you know her for her sweet and beautiful voice.

Over the years I noticed a lot of inspiring pictures and recipes of food by Pixie on her Facebook. I was transitioning to a more healthy lifestyle myself and am always looking for like-minded people and inspiration and pixie is definitely just that! Pixie is busy studying to become a raw food teacher, so exciting, so keep a look out for courses and retreats with her! So without further delay let’s get to it.


Pixie Bennett

Instagram: @Pixiebennett



Where do you live?
I’ve just moved from Cape Town to a beautiful part of South Africa the Magoebaskloof area in Limpopo. We have relocated to a farm and the area is surrounded by Fruit farms and getaway spots! I’m hoping to get into running raw food workshops and retreats in the area as well as a sustainable farming project in the future!

How did your journey on this healing lifestyle begin?
It began with me being tired of being sick and tired haha! About 4 years ago I started to make changes to my diet after always having migraines, IBS, Nausea, Skin issues, mood swings and the list goes on. I went onto a 2 week detox and then began learning more about what I was eating and how it was effecting me. I started to cut out Wheat, refined sugar, vegetable oil, dairy as a start and started becoming aware of what substitutes I could replace then with that actually nourished my body instead of depleting it! It’s been a long, steady road that has been connected with my own emotional growth and emotional detox. After I fell pregnant with my second son ( 3 months after my first!!) I really needed food that was going to give me clean, sustainable energy after sleepless nights. I really craved my afternoon chocolate, so I tried out a raw chocolate recipe and my love affair with superfoods and raw food began! Raw treats became raw breakfasts and then moved onto lunch and dinner where I could! My energy was terrific and all my ailments started to clear up. My mind was focused and I felt really connected with my purpose because I was and am operating in a healthy body!


What inspires you to stay healthy and live well?
My kids and my partner are my main sources of inspiration. I am also inspired by like-minded woman, nature and food as medicine, and the belief that there are abundant opportunities for each of us to live the lives we desire through making the right choices for ourselves.

What does a day look like for you?
I make time to set an intention each day, mostly I ask for the ability to nurture, nourish and inspire my family the best way that I can. I practice gratitude for the new information, knowledge and inspiration I will gain and the opportunities that will be revealed to me in the day. And then I try my best to find time to give energy to each of those aspects, while I am studying, prepping meals, looking after kids, getting outdoors or doing the boring stuff like grocery shopping haha!

What are your staple ingredients on your shopping list?
A wide variety of fruit and veg in different colours, Superfoods like Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Spirulina, Cacao, Boabab, Coconut, Camu Berry, Goji and Maca for example. Wholefoods like Quinoa, Buckwheat, puffed millet cereal. Wholefood pastas. Assorted raw nuts, dates, sprouts, Rye bread/raw breads, Nut butter, Coconut water and milk, Almond Milk, Tamari Sauce ( Wheat free soya sauce) , Nutritional Yeast ( Cheesy flavor non active yeast), Chicken and fish for occasional meat meals, and healthy oils like coconut oil and olive oil.

Share with us favorite easy go to snack?
I love dried or fresh apple, with raw macadamia nut butter sprinkled with hemp seeds! Good fibre for digestion, healthy fats from both the macadamia’s and hemp seeds, Rich in protein from the hemp and essential fatty acids. A good brain food snack and great for an energy boost!

How do you like to keep active?
Getting outdoors and walking with my boys and partner and taking in the beauty this stunning country has to offer us!

What is your favorite quote? ” May all beings shine in the light of transformation ” – unknown

Any advice for people starting a life of wellness?
Start slowly by swopping in more healthy alternatives and swopping out the unhealthy ones. Eat more wholefoods! Find a support system of people who are interested in the same lifestyle as you to keep you inspired and motivated. Strive for adding in 50-80% more raw enzyme rich foods and superfoods. Check out David Wolfe and Bruce Lipton if you don’t already know their work for more info on healthy body , mind and spirit. Have fun! When the fogs lifts and you start functioning the way you were designed to , the world is literally your playground XXXXXXXX




Seriously addictive and of course loaded with goodness ! Kids (and dogs) love them too!!

Promotes digestion and healthy gut flora, anti-inflammation, boosting the immune system, healthy heart and bones plus plus plus the list goes on! You can make this dough into bars, balls, cookies or whatever blows your beautiful hair back!

Ingredients: * Use Organic where possible

1/2 cup uncooked buckwheat kernels

1/2 cup uncooked gluten free oats,

1/4 cup desiccated coconut

1/4 cup organic peanut butter (You can use a raw macadamia or almond nut butter for a raw version, but not for your feline friends)

1 cup Medjool dates (or soaked dates)

1/2 cup filtered or spring water

1 Tbs Baobab powder

2 Tbs Pea and Hemp protein powder ( A vanilla vegan powder will work too ).


Blend all dry ingredients to a fine flour. ( I use a nutribullet with milling blade )

Soak dates in the water, add peanut butter and blend until smooth.

Pour into the dry mixture and work together with your hands while you think of how happy this dish is going to make everyone who eats it and imagine their beaming smiles and spring in their step!

Add small amounts of water if the mixture is too dry but it should resemble a sticky fudge.

I spooned mine into a silicone muffin tin filling it halfway and added a mixture of nut and or cranberry toppings but you can add coconut, cacao nibs or really anything you love that’s a wholefood!!

Freeze for a minimum of two hours, remove just before serving and enjoy!!

P.S. Natures Choice sell an affordable Baobab at around R50. Dischem will stock most , if not all the ingredients. Otherwise chat to your local health food shop!

Thank you Pixie for your inspiring interview and oh so delicious tarts! Head over Instagram or Facebook to follow Pixie for all the inspiration you need!

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