Holistic pregnancy the 3rd Trimester


And here we are , flowing towards on the end of my 3rd trimester and preparing for the birth! Here is a look back at these last weeks. A few discomforts popped up, ¬†the occasional indigestion and leg cramps, but that was for a couple days and then is disappeared. I have had aches and pains here and there but again, nothing to serious and mostly goes away with a good Yoga class and a massage ūüôā Strangely I had sternum pain… yes you read that right. I certainly didn’t expect that. I felt it the most from 26-34 weeks and then it eased off a bit, my husband would rub that area with arnica and it was AMAZING! Which brings me to him, what a flippen amazing human he is. From the first day he has been nothing but supportive and caring and just plain incredible. Working all day and then coming home and cleaning if I have not been able to, feeding the dogs , folding laundry and sometimes cooking or buying me yummy food (: I must admit I have tried to just keep doing my normal routine but was put in my place by him and my body telling me to stop. There is a certain amount of guilt for me, feeling like I need to do more, but he lovingly reminds me Im growing a human and that is enough work to do. So thank you my love, your support and complete unconditional love for me, it lights me up and has made this pregnancy that much more blissful!

We are ¬†so excited to meet our little boy and experience birth and the beautiful changes about to take place in our family. We have been preparing in many different ways. Physically, mentally emotionally, and then there is all the baby and house stuff that I had long lists for. Again thanks my love, ticking off the boxes as each weekend goes by. My nesting has for sure kicked in. It feels good to get everything you can ‘prepared’. But mostly I have tried to keep my mind in a positive space. Listening to birth affirmations and reading positive birth storied makes a big difference from all the horror stories you hear around you. People love to tell their stories and I get that, but am amazed at what comes out of peoples mouths, so keeping positivity around you is so important!


I have still been enjoying a lot of fruit and smoothies this trimester and Im sure that is due to the very hot summer we have had. I have been feeling like a lot more sweet foods as well, so this has been a bit of a challenge, I try to turn to fresh dates, date balls and dried fruit as sweet snacks. I have also focused on keeping my plant fat intake high, avocado, flax oil, hemp and chia seeds . Baby is building his beautiful brain and needs all he can get.

These last few weeks I have also been focusing on getting in extra kale as it is high in Vitamin K , this will give baby more for when he is born.¬†A few weeks ago I got a cold, not fun… but we got through it. ¬†I took extra vitamin C and drank lots of fresh juice, rested as much as I could and that seemed to do the trick after a few days.


I have noticed the most changes in my body this trimester of course, which has changed my practice. I am moving much slower and adjusting poses and flows more. Resting when I need, most importantly. When I teach my classes I do more verbal queuing than demonstrating the flows .  It has improved my teaching skills for sure. In my own practice I have been focusing on squats, keeping my hips open and just really focusing on my breath and connecting to my body and what feels good. Finding some quite in my mind and connecting to our baby.

I have had some leg cramps and some general aches and pains in my back and hips, and without yoga Im not sure what I would do. It helps to keep everything open and my blood moving. My husband has been rubbing my legs before bed which helps so much. And if I can recommend anything that you should make a priority during your pregnancy that is prenatal Yoga and get yourself a prenatal massage! Its so worth it and you deserve it, you and your baby will benefit so much from this. And you get to lie on your tummy as there is a hole in the bed! How coo! I feel such a release when I go, and feel so nurtured by my massage therapist, she is incredible. If your in the Upper Highway area, go see her. Kirsten from Nurtured. 0732803860.

I have also found using a foam roller really beneficial for my lower back/glutes and coccyx. As well as my hips now towards the pregnancy have been very achy at night . During the day when I am sitting I use my birth ball which is so much more comfy than chairs and I bounce away while doing work I need on my computer. Walking is always great as well when you have the energy, I keep them pretty short and slow and just take my time, but I always feel good after and gets my blood moving, got to keep active so we can prepare for the physical strength needed during labour! In saying all of this do what feels best for you and don’t push yourself. The shape you were in before you fell pregnant makes a huge difference, thats why I recommend starting a Yoga practice before as well as walking and following a healthy plant based diet. SO much happens in those first weeks of pregnancy, so to have your body thriving before will not only be amazing for baby but for you and help you just flow through pregnancy with ease and joy (:



Emotional Wellbeing

We decided to take a hypno-birthing course, and I so recommend you do if interested. It has made us feel so much more calm and emotionally prepared for the birth and the changes about to take place. Not that you can ever be fully prepared! But it has for sure helped ease some anxieties. We did out course with the amazing Callen from Gentle Welcome. With this I have been listening to positive Birth affirmations, doing relaxation techniques and just staying as positive as I can about birth. Keeping in that space is so important, releasing fears and anxieties you have before the birth. I have also made a birth board with positive affirmations and images to keep me going during the labour. I have also created a playlist of my favorite music. I may do a post in the near future of ways to prepare for birth and postpartum care. (after my birth, when I can add more advice and let you know how it all goes )

We have also been reading to baby as recommended in our course, this helps with bonding by hearing our and connecting to our voices. There has been research done that baby later on in life favors the stories you read in the womb! Quite amazing. 


hypnobirthing – Marie Mongan



My Holistic Pregnancy – The Second Trimester

Here we are already! Approaching the end of my Second trimester, the first few weeks dragged but now time seems to be speeding up! And as I write this I can feel my little love kicking away in my belly. This is such a miracle, such a privilege to grow and carry a baby.

You know your for sure showing when people ask when your due. This second trimester has been amazing! We found out the gender, my belly has grown so I look pregnant now, I feel him move so much, we have started to slowly buy a few things, and have started to make lists and think about my birth plan. I always thought that when I was pregnant I would be on a shopping spree everyday buying all the things we ‘need’ early on. But only now as I head into the end of the second trimester have I felt the ‘nesting’ feeling everyone talks about. Before that I liked to look at things and make list, but mostly just connect, do yoga and read about pregnancy and birth.

We have received some gorgeous gifts already, new and preloved goods. Pre loved are my favorite, when a friend or family member gives you pieces of clothing that are special to them and their baby wore. Imagining him in some of those outfits is so surreal at times, well a lot of the time.

I am so excited for the birth and to meet this gorgeous little man! As I now approach the third trimester my mind is definitely being pulled to focusing on the birth. I will talk about some books I have been reading and have purchased below. This month we start out hypno-birthing class too , this is happening!


My eating has pretty much gone back to normal. I am managing to eat all my greens and grains again! So happy about that, I was starting to run out of things to eat! It was a slow process but my meals are more creative and exciting now. I can eat more things and I have more energy to cook them. Some of my staple meals have been:

  • Red bean chilli with baked potatoes
  • Homemade spelt pizza
  • Brown Lentil cottage pie
  • Wraps
  • Homemade veggie burgers
  • Brown rice vermicelli and veg soup
  • Chick pea crepes with mushroom and kale

Some nutrition points to focus on during this trimester is healthy fats for omegas as baby’s brain is growing rapidly, getting your greens in for iron and protein, ¬†calcium , magnesium and vitamin D for bone development.

Healthy Fats Рchia seeds, nuts, green leafy vegetables, olives, avocado, flaxseed oil. 

Reducing Calcium Loss

A number of factors affect calcium loss from the body:

  • Diets that are high in protein cause more calcium to be lost through the urine. Protein from animal products is much more likely to cause calcium loss than protein from plant foods. This may be one reason that vegetarians tend to have stronger bones than meat-eaters.
  • Diets high in sodium increase calcium losses in the urine.
  • Caffeine increases the rate at which calcium is lost through urine.
  • Smoking increases the loss of calcium from the body.

A number of factors increase bone building in the body:

  • Exercise is one of the most important factors in maintaining bone health.
  • Exposure to sunlight allows the body to make the bone-building hormone vitamin D.
  • Eating a plentiful amount of fruits and vegetables helps to keep calcium in bone.
  • Consuming calcium from plant-based sources, especially green vegetables and beans, provides one of the building blocks for bone building.

Exercise and a diet moderate in protein will help to protect your bones. People who eat plant-based diets and are active probably have lower calcium needs. However, it is still important to eat calcium-rich foods every day.

*Information on Calcium taken from PCRM Website.


Red bean chilli with Baked potatoe

1 Tblspn coconut oil (for frying)- or water

Half a Medium onion

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp dried coriander

sprinkle of dried chilli (depending on how hot you like your food)

2 Roma Tomatoes chopped

1 Tin red kidney or black beans

1 Cup mushrooms sliced

1/2 Red Pepper

3/4 Cup Tomato Puree

2 Tblspn Coconut Sugar


Melt oil, add in onion and fry until starting to brown, then add garlic, coriander and chilli. Stir and simmer for 3 minutes. Add in your tomatoes, mushrooms pepper and sugar.  Allow to sit for 5 minutes, once it has softened add in your beans and tomato puree and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes turning down the heat.

Serve with Baked potatoes, fresh coriander and avocado if you have (;



My Yoga practice has been my saviour, it has eased any aches and pains I have, as well as any mental turbulence and anxiety. Pregnancy has many changes, and a lot of things to think about from Рbirth,  to how you plan to raise your child. Yoga helps bring me back to my centre and breath. It will all be ok!

I have had a stronger practice this trimester as my energy levels have been better. I have found ways to adjust flows and postures to make space for baby. I have really been enjoying all the hip openers I can get (deep squats!)  as well as strengthening my arms and legs.

I am busy working on editing 2 videos I have made for the 1st and 2nd trimester to follow during your pregnancy. Hoping to upload them in the next few weeks ūüôā

Emotional well being

This Trimester has been good in this department. Im finding more time and energy to connect and rebalance life a bit. I have more energy so am able to do more in my days and within my Yoga practice, but to still be aware of my pace and take it easy as I need. I am growing a human after all and a lot of my energy is directed at him . I have been loving the books I have put below. Finding new information all the time, ways to cope with different fears and anxieties about pregnancy and birth. They are real friends! It has been so beneficial to do my research and remember our bodies were made to birth and that we got this. Removing fear from birth! More about this in my next post ūüôā ¬†Take each day as it comes, and know its all going to be ok.

On the down side, we have had some awful smells with our local dump. This has created a lot of stress for me as it gets into our home. We luckily have 2 rooms downstairs it doesn’t get into so we hide in there with the air purifiers when it does come. Doing what we can to stay away as much as possible. Blocking all our nooks around the house with newspaper to keep it out! There seems to be progress with sorting the problem . Please do spread awareness and visit Upper highway NPO for more information.

I do hope this post are helpful and informative. I love being pregnant! it is such a blessing. There are many things you can do to help your pregnancy to be more comfortable and enjoyable. Lots of natural way to ease aches and pains. Please comment down below with any question. Remember you are creating life, building a new little miracle, that is huge , that is magic!

My husbands idea of baby shopping ūüėČ

Helpful Books

Ina Mays Guide to breastfeeding

The kind Mama Alicia Silverstone

Beyond the Sling- Mayim Bialik

Conscious Parenting- Shefali tsabary

Healthy Kids – Mary Ann Shearer

Websites for great information

Mama Natural

Oh she glows

Dr Sears




My Holistic Pregnancy – The First Trimester

14717105_10153917704280069_3828214895104692499_nYes you read that right! I have been growing a human (: ¬†We are expecting a mini Bernd/Kirsty in early April 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited!

I have been wanting to share this news for sometime, it is so exciting for us! And something we had planned on for a little while. You may have noticed my non appearance on my website or any social media for that matter. I have taken these weeks to relax and just get through each day! To rest as much as I can , and put all my attention and focus I have into growing this little being. All day sickness is a real thing! But I don’t mind one bit, we get a beautiful human in the end with a bit of both of us both combined!

I am going to be doing a blog post on each trimester and put it into a few sections for easier reading. They will be divided into Nutrition, Yoga and Emotional well being.


The first Trimester can be challenging in this department. I remember my sister saying to me that when you don’t want to eat something when your pregnant its not like your being picky or just don’t feel like it, you physically cannot eat that thing! And it’s not that I didn’t believe her, I just didn’t understand, as I had never experienced that. But now I have, and I get it sis! I think you will only understand once you have experienced it. As most people that know me know I am pretty passionate about healthy eating and very rarely do I eat something I don’t believe is good for my body. I remembered thinking ‘when Im pregnant I am going to be so healthy! ‘ Don’t put expectations on yourself mama! Trust me, your doing your best and thats all you can do. Surrender and rest, these months will be hard at times, you wont always feel like yourself. But it will pass (:

I mostly managed to eat rye bread with marmite or peanut butter, and lots of fruit and smoothies! These were my saving grace,  beans, lentils , most grains and vegetables were out! Crazy I know. But I did the best I could and managed to take my Barley life most of the first trimester to get greens in that I was not able to eat.

Nutrients to focus on during pregnancy


Folate- While folic acid and folate are often marketed as the same, their metabolic effects can be quite different. Folate is the bioavailable, natural form of vitamin B9 found in a variety of plant and animal foods. Folic acid, while readily utilized by the body, is the synthetic form of the vitamin and often found in supplements and fortified foods. The body is more easily able to use folate and will regulate healthy levels by releasing excess through the urine.

Folic acid/folate deficiency during pregnancy has been linked with neutral tube defects like spina bifida and other malformations like cleft lip . Because of the serious possibility of such birth defects, many woman take folic acid supplements. However I am a firm believer in getting your nutrients from the food you eat, and if your diet is at least 75% raw fruit and vegetables you will without a doubt be getting more than the recommended daily amount of folate. But during my first trimester I did not, due to food aversions and nausea. I didn’t feel I was getting all I needed. So I continued to take barley life and found a good folate supplement from Solgar.

Plant foods high in Folate

  • Dark leafy greens
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Citrus fruits
  • Beans , peas lentils
  • Avocado

kale 4

B12-¬†is essential during pregnancy and is necessary for the proper functioning of Folate. A deficiency of this Vitamin affects nearly all the body tissues, particularly those containing rapidly dividing cells. This can result in pernicious anemia and degeneration of the nervous system. Follow a high fruit and vegetable diet to meet your requirements or I recommend a good quality liquid B12. I use the ‘Vitamin Research products Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12’ .

Iron- Plant-based foods may contain less iron than animal foods, but eating smaller amounts throughout the day is a great way to increase absorption. Plant sources of iron are Lentils, soybeans, tofu and tempeh. The iron in beans, grains and seeds is better absorbed when combined with the vitamin-C found in fruits and vegetables.¬†Iron is an element essential to life, it plays a huge role in transferring oxygen in the body. It is said to be normal to have slightly lower levels of iron during pregnancy due to the increase of blood volume in mothers in order to meet the needs of the growing baby. The human body has large reserves of iron in the liver and bone marrow. These stores are drawn upon to meet the body’s requirements during the course of the pregnancy. Iron supplementation can cause gastrointestinal discomfort such as diarrhea and constipation.¬†

Iron is easily available in all fruit and vegetables, and because of the high levels of Vitamin C found in these foods, the body is able to utilize the iron from plant foods efficiently. Cooking destroys Vitamin C in food, so to make sure you meet your Iron requirements, try to eat fruit and vegetables in their raw form as this is when Vitamin C is most usable.


When my iron levels where checked at 12 weeks they were perfect! 

  • Seeds- Pumpkin, squash, pine, pistacio, sunflower, cashews, unhulled sesame
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • All fruit esp raisins, currants
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Deep Orange or yellow fruits and vegetables.


I am very grateful that I managed to have my big fruit smoothie every morning for most of the first trimester, I just liked them a little icer and not too creamy. I was also loving fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice. And thats about it for most days. Then came the bread, something, anything to help settle my tum. And it did topped with some organic local cheese I had been craving. I don’t usually eat cheese or dairy but this was an exception, I really felt like it for a while I waited to see if it would pass and it didn’t. So I made the decision and found the best quality cheese I could and got involved and it hit the spot!

Pregnancy is unpredictable, you just don’t know how your going to feel each day, physically and emotionally. Take each day as it comes, be gentle with yourself and just embrace it all! I really feel preparing for pregnancy is something so great you can do for yourself and you bub.(post coming soon!) Do research, nourish your body and work on your emotions and relationship with your partner.

  • Find a good wholefood prenatal ¬†I used Terra Nova (my wonderful sister sent it from Ireland)
  • Solgar is a good folate supplement if you can’t get any greens in,¬†as well as barley life.
  • BarleyLife is great as a Whole food Multi Vitamin during pregnancy, I take a Tblsp with water or fruit juice as well as my wholefood prenatal.

AIM BarleyLife¬ģ is an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. The power of BarleyLife is found in the nutrients of young barley leaves. Research has found that green barley juice is abundant in enzymes, essential amino acids, and is rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support, and cholesterol-lowering effects. The result is a feeling of total wellness.

  • Helps maintain whole body health
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Provides increased energy
  • Offers unique and powerful
    plant antioxidants

barley 1


Nutritional Facts

I do recommend getting your nutrient levels checked before and during pregnancy to check where you are at and if you are meeting your requirements, as you don’t want to ‘overdose’ with vitamin Supplementation. Most Vitamin supplements are active chemical agents and should only be taken in pregnancy to make up specific and definite deficiencies diagnosed by your doctor. If you do decide to take supplements, find the best quality wholefood ones. In SA you cant find wholefood supplements so barleyLife is your best chance, or to order in from overseas. We tried to order the Synergy Prenatal from the USA but it got denied at SA borders. Very annoying! Do your best to eat a wholefood plant based diet, and if you feel its necessary to back yourself up with good quality supplements.

The American Medical Association points out that, ‘The routine prescription of multivitamin and mineral supplements for pregnant and lactating woman is common but generally unnecessary. A well balanced diet designed to meet the needs of pregnancy and lactation minimises the need for supplementation.


My practice has been amazing! I am so grateful for this. It has helped me keep somewhat grounded and balanced and to help the common pregnancy anxiety. ¬†I continued with my usual yoga practice and just modified some flows as I felt needed. With some of the higher level, more strengthening classes I just rested when I needed (which was quite often) first trimester fatigue… One thing I can say is the yoga helped with the fatigue, on the days I didn’t really feel like going to class I did , I ended up feeling better! But there were some days for sure I stayed in bed and rested. You need to decided and listen to your body on that. Having a yoga practice before falling pregnant is ideal. If you havn’t you can start right away with a very gentle beginners yoga class and let the teacher know your pregnant. This will give your body the time to open and strengthen. To be able to connect to yourself and your breath and baby.

Prenatal yoga is great when it is paired with walking for cardiovascular exercise. These are both great ways to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy and to keep your body strong and fit for labour. Prenatal Yoga can help to tone your muscles and improve your balance, as well as improve your circulation all with very little impact on your joints. The breathing techniques used in Yoga will help teach you how to breath deeply and consciously relax, which is very helpful as you are faced with the physical demands of labour, birth and motherhood. Learning to use the yogic breath ‘ ujjayi’ helps prepare you for labour and childbirth by training you to stay calm when you need it most. When you are in pain or afraid your body produces adrenalin and may produce less oxytocin, a hormone that makes labour progress. A regular yoga practice will help you remain calm and relaxed rather than tightening up the perennial muscles when you feel pain.

More than ever listen to your body! Be gentle and move slowly with awareness.

I have recorded a first trimester practice that you can flow along with from home, I will be uploading it in a week or two (:

Emotional Well being

To stay centered and calm I have tried to do some breathing an meditation in the evening before bed and of course my yoga practice has helped here.

A great book to read during your first Trimester is Magical Beginnings , Enchated Lives by Deepak Chopra. It has great information and tools you can use during your pregnancy from a more holistic side.

I have had some anxieties during the first Trimester as Im sure most moms do, just wanting all to be ok and well. The scan at 12 weeks helped to ease this, hearing our babies heartbeat and seeing them on the ultrasound screen is just incredible! Through this I realized as hard as it is you have to try stay calm and relaxed because of course worrying doesn’t help! I found having friends and family that had been pregnant are a great support for this , and as always my yoga practice. I cant say it enough! Connecting to yourself is most important.


Surrender and rest, these months will be hard at times, you wont always feel like yourself but it will pass and you will feel better (:  Read , sleep eat , do yoga, watch happy movies repeat.

You are growing a human! Don’t forget that.

All my love and to a happy and healthy pregnancy




Sources * 


Healthy Kids the Natural Way by Mary Ann Shearer

108 Days of Hanuman (Part 3)


Wow , I have reached 108 days! I did it guys! I’m so stoked, it has been so fun doing Hanuman everyday, even on those lazy days or when I’m feeling stiff and tired. But I did it, I got on my mat and it always made me feel better and I was always glad I did. This practice has taught me to just do it, stop having conversations in my head about whether or not to do something. Just get on with it and enjoy it and be in the moment, and fully present in that moment , but find the balance of not pushing , be gentle with yourself. ¬†Yoga is a journey, not a destination.¬† Read more

Interview : Keri Bainborough from We are the wildflowers

This weeks interview is with the oh so beautiful Keri Bainborough, from ‘We are the Wildflowers’. I remember reading Keri’s blog when it was still Midlands Musings, I had just got the courage to start my blog, so I found this to be a great source of inspiration. I love the way Keri writes, she is raw and real and makes you feel like you are her friend (: ¬†I really started following her blog posts more when she started her Vegan journey, as I found I could really relate to that as I had been through a similar journey. I really do encourage you to check out her blog, it really is beautiful and her writing so honest and real. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview Keri!


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108 Days of Hanuman (Part 2)


(my little Molly is my supporter (:  )

Wow can’t believe how fast time has gone. I am already on day 77!! So far this journey has been quite amazing. Since my last post 108 Days of Hanuman Part 1¬†a lot has happened. Just 3 weeks ago my partner lost his dad suddenly. It has been raw but also so surreal. I have known him for almost 9 years now and looked at him like a dad. The comfort of their home was something I treasured as a safe place. And it still is, but a bit different now. It still doesn’t quite feel real as it was so sudden, life is definitely never quite what we expect. ¬†I feel more upset and hurt when I think of my love Bernd. To know someone I love so much is hurting is so painful. But all you can do is be there with open arms ears and heart, with so much love to give.

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Healthy Travel Tips

Keeping healthy while you travel?
Yes it can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. For our most recent trips (Bali and Europe) I had planned ahead and¬†organized¬†myself and it really helped. Looking after¬†yourself while travelling and being on holiday is so important as you have more energy to explore and keep well.

Firstly lets look at your flight, plane food…..ergh no thanks. Air food is all made in bulk in a huge kitchen and never looks¬†appetizing¬†to¬†me(unless¬†you’re in first class). I just prefer to try eat before and take my own food along. You can take food on your flight but not off, so don’t overpack your lunchbox (; , take just enough. Some easy ideas are to purchase some healthy food bars, my¬†favorite¬†ones are the nak’d bars which you can order here¬†.They are just plain goodness, 100% natural ingredients, no added sugars or syrups, 1 of 5 a day, gluten, wheat and dairy & GM free.

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5 Simple Tips for gentle cleansing this Spring!

Spring is definitely¬†here in KZN! These days are so glorious, it is my favorite time of year. Not too hot not too cold, the golden sun shining down on your skin feels oh so good. I have naturally started eating lighter, drinking more water and wanting to follow some gentle cleansing tips. So I decided to put together 5 easy to follow gentle cleansing tips. A nice deep detox is also great at times, but some people prefer some gentle cleansing especially if you have to work and can’t be dealing with detox symptoms (;

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Interview: Taryn Fitz Gerald from Wellness with Taryn

Taryn is one of my closest friends, my soul sister and a huge inspiration to me. We actually started our food journey around the same time. We were on this journey together constantly inspiring each other and leaning on each other for support. Always sending recipes, blogs, and new food documentaries. Its so special to have someone who is so so passionate about the same thing you are. And when you can share that, friendships blossom. I truly respect this woman, she is informed, done her research and has so much passion for what she does its bubbling out her pores. So I definitely recommend you head over to her website for information and inspiration all about healthy living. Her Raw Vegan Lemon and Lime cheesecake is my fave and I have added the recipe below for you to try.


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108 Days of Hanuman (Part 1)


This is my first post in my Yoga category! And what a great one to start with. I am excited to get this section of my blog going with lots of information, pictures and videos all about the beauty of Yoga.

For the last 36 days I have been practicing Hanuman (forward splits). After returning from my trip my teacher suggested it as she was doing it , and it felt like the perfect time. I wanted to commit to that time to myself everyday as well as dive deeper into Hanuman Asana. I am 1/3 of the way there and have had such an amazing experience so far and thought I should definitely share. So I will be doing 3 posts of my 108 day journey .

In this post I would like to talk about why 108? Quite a few people have asked when finding out I am doing this practice.

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