All about Watermelon, and a refreshing Juice !

watermelon juice 1
Well hello beauties!

 It has been a while since my last post! Life has indeed been busy, I have been focusing a lot on my Triyoga Level 2 Training, that has been my main priority and everything else has been left to the side for a bit, including my blog! I do my exam this coming Wednesday December 9th. I am so looking forward to it, we have worked on this Level for 2 years, so it is time to wrap it up and keep enjoying the flow. So after that I will be focusing more on my blog and writing more post with yummy recipes. So lets get to it.

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5 Simple Tips for gentle cleansing this Spring!

Spring is definitely here in KZN! These days are so glorious, it is my favorite time of year. Not too hot not too cold, the golden sun shining down on your skin feels oh so good. I have naturally started eating lighter, drinking more water and wanting to follow some gentle cleansing tips. So I decided to put together 5 easy to follow gentle cleansing tips. A nice deep detox is also great at times, but some people prefer some gentle cleansing especially if you have to work and can’t be dealing with detox symptoms (;

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