What Raisins can offer! and simple oat porridge


Hello friends! It has been a little while since I posted a blog. I have been working on my website, cleaning it up adding a new logo, and correcting some spelling mistakes in previous posts (; So pretty much revamping a bit! Let me know what you think I am feeling super inspired to share more and have a long list of posts to share. If there is anything you want me to talk about let me know in the comments!  I have recently been having some serious raisin cravings, and oh boy these raisins from The natural Way are so amazing! I am on my second packet in just over a week…. My course mentor Mary Ann Shearer did a post on Raisins and their benefits and I am sharing all that good information on here for you guys , so lets get into it. Read more

Blue Smoothie Bowl with Almond and Oat Granola

spirulina 1

I have only recently jumped on this smoothie bowl bandwagon, I first saw them looking so delicious and exciting on some of my favorite blogs I follow. But I still thought why not just drink it? A smoothie bowl is so fun though once you try it, I like to make my smoothie thicker so its easier to eat with a spoon and add all kinds of fun and delicious toppings for extra texture.

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Banana and strawberry whip

nana and berry whipThis recipe is so yum, quick and so easy ! I promise.

Today is short post, I recently made this as i was craving ice-cream! Its winter I know but how gorgeous are these sunny days? Makes it all ok (;

In a previous post , I did a little write-up all about bananas and you can read that here.  This recipe is a simple but delish recipe using only 4 ingredients, great for an afternoon snack and a really great alternative to your normal ice-cream. Kids will love it, and you wont have them buzzing on a sugar high afterwards.

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Almond Milk – 3 Ways!

almond 2 pics 3

I have meaning to do this post for quite some time, I recently made a big batch of Almond milk and felt inspired to do this post. Almond milk is definitely my favorite milk alternative and it is very simple. I prefer to make my own milk, as most of store-bought milks are filled with preservatives and a lot of the time sugar, and we don’t want that in our beautiful bodies do we!

almond 1 wide

So as always I will give you some nutritional info on our magical friend the almond (;

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Warming Millet, Goiji and Chia Power Porridge

millet 1Hello beauties! It has been a while since my last post. With all these holidays my usual schedule has not been so usual! But it is my goal to post one new recipe every friday (: So keep a look out, and if there is anything you are wanting drop me a mail or comment below! I feel so passionate about sharing these recipes that I make at home. I try keep them as simple and delicious as possible. It really is so much fun trying new recipes with new ingredients, but trust me I know it can get a bit much. Not knowing where to turn, your trying to be healthy but it seems like hard work at first and its SO overwhelming! Coconut everything, gluten or no gluten , agave, maple, xylitol, honey , coconut sugar, and all the milks don’t get me started. What ! wait lets go back. Ive been there, Ive fallen off the wagon, Iv been left in the dust behind the wagon! But I always manage to get back on and that is the main thing. Remember your human, take one day at a time, one healthy choice at a time and before you know it all these funny different ingredients will be your go to ingredients in your pantry. I do encourage you to keep your head up, its so worth it. We cannot buy our health, so take time and work at it so you can feel radiant and full of energy and saving the planet all at the same time (;

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Superfood Granola


I love superfoods and I love granola! So I joined the two in marriage, and my goodness its a great one (; Its so nice to know your getting all this goodness in your breakfast bowl and it tastes amazing! It is also great as a after dinner treat (;

This recipe is fairly easy and you can either dehydrate it for the raw version or cook it in the oven which is quicker. I try make a big batch of this to last the month, but it never does!

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