108 Days of Hanuman (Part 2)


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Wow can’t believe how fast time has gone. I am already on day 77!! So far this journey has been quite amazing. Since my last post 108 Days of Hanuman Part 1 a lot has happened. Just 3 weeks ago my partner lost his dad suddenly. It has been raw but also so surreal. I have known him for almost 9 years now and looked at him like a dad. The comfort of their home was something I treasured as a safe place. And it still is, but a bit different now. It still doesn’t quite feel real as it was so sudden, life is definitely never quite what we expect.  I feel more upset and hurt when I think of my love Bernd. To know someone I love so much is hurting is so painful. But all you can do is be there with open arms ears and heart, with so much love to give.

During this time, Hanuman popped into my head as it is now a habit. I thought,” oh I must do Hanuman” and then thought no I can’t there is too much going on. I wasn’t entirely sure what I was feeling really. But then Bernd said, “you should do it, just carry on.” So I did, I got on my mat that day and flowed in. And I’m so glad I did, for the first time that day my head cleared a little bit and I felt a little more balanced and calm. (Thanks my love) This is when I needed it the most. This is when we need our practice the most , when our lives get a bit messy. This is when this beautiful practice heals! And as I have the everyday habit of the practice I didn’t need to think, I just needed to be, with my breath with myself. And I have carried on since then, and it has helped me to help Bernd through this process and help myself. As I feel I have somewhere to go to , to reconnect and to find my “happy” place.


In this post I want to talk about the alignments of Hanumanasana a little bit. So as you might know Hanuman (forward splits ) is a very deep hip opener, as well as opening muscles in the hamstrings , thighs and groin area. If you are wanting to try this pose make sure you have warmed up the body , especially the hamstrings and hips before flowing in. In my next and final post, I will be posting a short video of the Hanuman flow I have been doing (:

Hanumanasana stretches and strengthens muscles in the hamstrings, thighs and groin region.  A regular practice of this pose will have a deep opening in the hips helping them to become more flexible over a period of time (108 days ) (: In the Asana, you want to keep your back thigh and hip facing down. So the hips are square. You can have your back toes tucked and pressing the heel back, or untucked. The spine is lengthening up , with your shoulders relaxed.

hanuman 1

Why the name Hanuman?

Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, is one of the most celebrated and worshipped figures in Indian religion.

“It was the greatest leap ever taken. The speed of Hanuman’s jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like little stars on the waving treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen such a thing; they cheered Hanuman, then the air burned from his passage, and red clouds flamed over the sky . . .” (Ramayana, retold by William Buck).

Hanuman Asana is all about great acts of courage ,devotion and fearlessness. As Hanuman leapt through the sky from the southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka.  It teaches us to overcome obstacles, and do what we think is impossible, like this pose(;



These last few weeks I have had patience, honoring my body each day and how it is feeling. I have still been using my pillow and some days my hips feel so free and I am flat on the earth and feel like I could stay there forever! Even though I am practicing Hanumanasana for 108 days, this practice and journey is never-ending. There is no end goal, only daily practice that will forever change and shift. I am so grateful for this pose and all it has brought me. I am also happy to say some friends have started their 108 days which is very exciting , I have put a lovely pic of us below on their first day(: Here’s to the next part of this journey! I look forward to writing it in the next month or so!



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